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Name:Calcium Gluconate%
Product Name:Calcium Gluconate
CAS No.:299-28-5
Molecular Formula:C12H22CaO14
Molecular Weight:448.38
Characteristics:White crystalline granule or powder. odorless

Product Description

Product name:Calcium Gluconate

Molecular Formula:C12H22CaO14

Structural Formula:

Molecular weight: 448.38

CAS NO.: 299-28-5

Characteristics: White crystalline granule or powder. odorless

Uses: Helpful to the bone formation and maintenance of normal excitability of nerve and muscle, to be used in calcium supplement for calcium deficiency of children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the aged.

The product is an effective and non-toxic calcium-supply nutrition.

Specification: BP2015 USP40 EP9.0 FCC(IV) CP2005 GB15571-2010

Package: Cardboard drums (size: 40x44) or paper- plastic compounds bags . 25kgs net weight each.

Transportation & Storage: Keep in dry, clean and ventilating places. The shelf time is 3 years. It is a non-dangerous product and can be transported as a common chemical product. Avoid direct sunlight and rain.

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