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Name:Garlicin 25 Powder
Product Name:Allicin 25 Powder
CAS No.:539-86-6
Molecular Formula:C6H10OS2
Molecular Weight:162.273
Characteristics:White or Yellow powder with a strong Garlicin/Allicin taste

Product Description

Feed incentive. Garlicin contains groups that can release strong natural fragrance. It can alter the feed's natural flavoring and the peculiar smell produced by some kinds of feed additive and medicine. Moreover, it can stimulate the feed's ingestion, increase the secretion of gastric juice and promote the growth speed. Experiments showed that the garlic can increase the feed utilization by 12%.

 Directions and Dosage:

The following diagram can be as a reference for 25% type:


              Type                      Scent attractant                   Growth-Promoting              Alternative Antibiotics


     Chickens, Ducks                      50g                                        80g                                      150-300g


           Pig, Cow                            50g                                        60g                                       200-350g


              Fish                                 80g                                        120g                                     350-500g


The dosage can be properly adjusted according to the specified circumstances.


Net Weight: 25kgs/bag.

Storage Condition: Be stored in shady, cool and dry condition.


Shelf Life: 24 months.

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