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Name:Sodium Gluconate
Product Name:Sodium Gluconate
CAS No.:527-07-1
Molecular Formula:C6H11NaO7
Molecular Weight:218.137
Characteristics:White or off-white granular powder

Product Description

Characteristics: White crystalline granule or powder.                                                                                    
Uses: Sodium has the important effects for maintaining the osmotic pressure and volume of exocellular fluid, regulating the acid-base balance in human body and developing the normal functions of the nerves and muscles.The product is able to prevent effectively sodium-deficit syndromes from occurring. It is a good food additive or food fortifier of sodium.
Quality Standard:BP2015 USP40 EP9.0 FCC(IV) CP2005 GB15571-2010                                                                             
Package: plastic woven bags, or following your demand, 25kgs net each.
Transportation & Storage: Keep in dry, cool and ventilating places. The shelf time is 2 years. It is a non-dangerous product and can be transported as a common chemical product. Avoid direct sunlight and rain.
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