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Name:Calcium Formate
Product Name:Calcium Formate
CAS No.:544-17-2
Molecular Formula:Ca(HCOO)2
Molecular Weight:130.12
Characteristics:white crystalline powder

Product Description

Calcium Formate 

Molecular Formula: Ca(HCOO)2, 

Molecular Weight: 130.12,

H.S. CODE: 29151200, 

CAS NO.: 544-17-2

Bulk density: 900-1000kg/m3,

Specific gravity: 2.023 (20℃).

Free flowing Calcium Formate,at normal temperature, it is a white crystalline powder, bitter and non toxic, with slight moisture absorption. It can be mutually dissolved with water, nonflammable and nonexplosive.


This product is a new kind of feed additive newly developed at home and abroad, which is suitable for all kinds of animals. It is used in the building industry ,in the production offeedstuff mixtures ,for silage and in the tannery.  

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